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An Essence of Excellence...
Quality Assurance

An Essence of Excellence

 is our conviction that encompasses all spheres of our activities, be it product manufacturing or client-servicing. This inherent culture has formally been institutionalized by the ISO 9001:2000 certification. Standards and records are systematically maintained for future reference in compliance with the requirements of quality certification.

We, at Meghmani, realize that the backbone of success of any organization is its efficient Quality Control. Keeping in tune with the company’s total commitment towards quality, we have invested in an in-house ultra-modern ‘Quality Control Centre’ to keep a strict vigil on the quality. Raw materials sourced from approved vendors are checked for quality compliance and all supplies are systematically documented in accordance with the requirements of ISO quality procedures. Quality checks are initiated at regular stages for the in-process material. Only after the Quality Control department gives its approval, the finished material is released to the packing and dispatch department for onward shipments to customers.
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